Custom Signs- We can make signs in a variety of styles:

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The most common and basic form of signage. Vinyl is straight to the point solid color decals that are applied in layers. Vinyl is great for someone who is on a budget and needs a sign quick. Most commonly used on “For Sale” signs and vehicle lettering that may need to change (business phone numbers for example).


Exactly as it sounds. We are one of the only sign shops left in country that still offers high quality signs, vehicles, boats, and whatever you desire, painted by hand. In the age of computers and increased production this has become a dying art, because of the many years it takes to develop this skill. Here at Tierney Signs Incorporated (TSI) we understand that not everyone wants the normal vinyl decals. That is why we are very proud to be one of the last shops that offers this highly skilled trade. We use only the finest enamels for their longevity and durability. Gradients, shadows, and many other innovative ideas can be produced when using enamels for that truly one of a kind design. We can also do the old fashioned gold, silver, or variegated leaf.

Digital Printing

The latest in sign production technology. Wide format digital printing is very versatile and cost efficient when many colors, effects, and images are used. Printed on high quality cast or calendered vinyl, laminated and applied to a vehicle, boat, or substrate that best suites your needs. The only limitation is the quality of your digital art file. Don’t have any high resolution artwork? No worries, here at TSI we have the software and expertise to produce your very own high quality vector and raster graphics. Many times we waive the art charge with the purchase of signage or vehicle lettering from us.

Sand Blasted

A very high quality hand-crafted sign. These signs are made out of hardened redwood or high density urethane (HDU). These signs are blasted to have raised or recessed letters for a three dimensional look. When redwood is used the area that is blasted away leaves a texture of the natural wood grain. HDU is used to produce a variety of different faux textures. Such as wood or stone. Both substrates are thick, durable, and create a beautiful sign when finished. The best part of these signs is the longevity. They will last many years. In many cases the only thing that will wear is the surface finish. When this happens the sign can be brought back to us to be resurfaced for only a fraction of the signs original cost.


Indoor or outdoor advertising. Lightweight, portable, and very efficient for conveying your message. From the simplest text to the most complex image. We can produce the perfect banner for you. Banners are digitally printed on 13 oz. matte finish canvas. Gloss finish can be used upon request. Banners are typically grommeted or can be hemmed with pole pockets depending on what you are using it for


A temporary form of advertising. If your vehicle serves as a company vehicle as well as your personal vehicle, and your don’t want permanent lettering. Then magnetic signs are the choice for you. Magnetic signs can be made in many custom sizes, and are usually printed and lamented for long lasting quality.

Logo Design

Let our imaginations go to work for you. We have
experts that are used to making creative designs out of what you have in mind. This is the part where we really work with you in creating a logo or layout that can symbolize your company. The company logo is how you create awareness, it’s the image that people recognize. The logo is a vital part of your business and you need to make sure it is done right.

Vehicle/Boat Lettering

From hand painting to the latest in digital printing and anything in between. We used the finest paints and the best graphic materials available. This is the foundation of our business, we have done it for over thirty years and let us show you why. You have a boat or vehicle, now its time to truly make it yours. Put your name on it in a way that no one else can.

Take a look at our work:

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Custom Airbrushing and Pinstriping

Here at TSI we love motorcycles, hot rods, boats and custom stuff. It is our passion. We understand that you don’t want to keep it stock. That is why we offer custom paint to really express yourself. Paint is the most important part to have a true custom. If you are looking for a little airbrushing or a complete custom paint job we can do it. If you are looking for some pinstriping for that finishing touch we can do it. You don’t want to just have the same paint job as everyone else. It is now time to jazz it up and make it represent you the way you’ve been hoping for.

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